Come and Sit With Me

The sun is setting, come and sit with me.

Here, close to the edge —

let your legs dangle out into the skies,

the water below.

Transforming the shore,

Wave tops falling into the sand-

the rocks echoing-

the moments they’re crashing,

But never stop.

One after the other,

Until they’re once again -

one body.

Here, give me your hand-

Looking out into the blue,

As far as the eye can see-

Endless, vast, complete unknown.

worlds beyond,

depths beneath-

they look up at us and think-

life above.

but here,

come and sit with me.



There are three things to fear in life:

The known, the unknown, and Man;

who has consistently proven through evolution the capacity

and ability to transpose

the seemingly impossible to ordinary, to contradict

even the most fundamental faucets of nature,

to nurture and extirpate, correlating and conveying

both the most compassionate and malevolent qualities

in the most rudimentary concept, choice.

Existing within the in between —

of what we think we know and what we actually do ,

and somewhere in between the two,

lies the truth.



Let You In

If I could let you into my mind, how do I know you won’t be scared of what you would find,

a world of fear & unclear perceptions, addictions, wants, needs,

and obsessions. crude, mean, worthless words; I could never speak,

or let loose in the same air for which I breathe, the selfish, greedy thoughts I conceive,

or hypocritical things I believe.

My actions: unprovoked in buried verbs, desecrated beneath the dusk

- behind the wavering clouds and vibrant light. if my thoughts, portrayed, as script- as sight.

would this further in-sight, provide what it is you seek?

passionate, devoted, caring, priceless words

; I could never speak. addictions, wants, needs, and obsessions…

a world of fear& unclear perceptions.

How do I know you won’t be scared of all you will find now

that I’m letting you into my mind?



Ayla Chase

Maybe the meaning of life is as simple as simply finding some meaning in your life and sharing it. dog lover. wisdom seeker. #lifesachase